Olga Orlić in a second part of “Poveznice” radio show

Ph.D. Olga Orlić, a scientific associate of the Institute for Anthropological Research, was a guest in a second part of “Poveznice” radio show of the Department of Science and Education at the First Program of the Croatian Radio, edited by Irena Plejić Premec.

Ph.D. Olga Orlić spoke about a solidarity economy, a topic she has been working on for several years, that this year received funding from the Croatian Science Foundation for further research within the “Solidarity Economy in Croatia: Anthropological Perspective” (SOLIDARan) Project.

This time she talked about solidarity exchange groups, ie about agriculture supported by the community.

The second part of the show was broadcasted on 27 October 2020 (Tuesday) starting at 1:10 p.m.

If you missed the show, and you are interested in the topic, the recording is available at the following link for another month:


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